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Начал искать и выяснилось, что нигде не опубликована английская версия новой редакции CPI Statutes, которая была принята FMJD, кажется, еще в конце 2009 года (русский текст Статуса здесь опубликован 9 марта 2010 года).
Получил, публикую:



(Revised edition of the CPI Statutes confirmed by General Assambly
on 24 August, 2003)

The FMJD Board (CD) delegates tasks concerning draughts composition to the CPI.
The main tasks of the CPI are:
- Organizing World Championships
- Formulation, publishing and maintaining rules and regulations for international draughts composition contests (RI /RIE).
- Recognizing international contests on behalf of the FMJD and checking the application of the rules and regulations.
- Granting and administration of International titles.
- Drawing up and editing any documents concerning CPI activity.
- Settlement of conflicts concerning contests, infringement of sport ethics and authors rights.

The CPI President reports regularly to the CD, at least twice a year before CD meetings about:
- World Championships
- Other main activities
- Main changes in RI /RIE
- Changes in membership of the CPI (See 1.2)
- Not yet solved conflicts, in particular when more than one nationality is involved.

Internal regulations

1.1. The CPI was created 19.08.2001 by GA FMJD with the aim of continuing the work of the Section of International Problemism (SPI), founded in 1987. The CPI works for the problemism on the 100-square and 64-square board.
The areas of activity of CPI are the following:
a) to promote the cause of the problemism on an international level, having contacts with problemists and solvers in all countries;

b) to organize, under International Rules for problems, etudes and zadachas, world personal and team championships as well as other international competitions. Every competition can have its own regulations besides the general regulations for competitions (RI, part 2), as long as they are in accordance. The jury of a contest is confirmed by the CPI before the announcement of the contest and fixed in its Regulations. An announcement of a contest should be published at least in two languages:
- French or English,
- Russian.

c) to award International Master Points to participants of those competitions , according to the regulations laid down in part 2 of these statutes, and to present them to the CD as candidates for the titles of Master FMJD of the Problemism (MFP), Master International of the Problemism (MIP) and Grandmaster International of the Problemism (GMIP).

d) to give points to the jury members of contests for draughts composition according to the rules of the CPI Statutes and present them as candidates for the International titles:
- FMJD Arbiter (judge) for draughts composition,
- International FMJD Arbiter (judge) for draughts composition.

e) to organize a competition for solvers or to help to organise such competition out of the CPI.

1.2. The CPI President has to inform the CD when he wants to assign a new CPI member or when a CPI member resigns. The CPI preferably consists of representatives from countries where the level of composition is high. At the same time the CPI President has a right to include a person from another country into the CPI if that person has good professional skills and skills of organizer. The CPI President checks if the national organizations of the candidate do not object. This can be a national organization for draughts compositions or the national draughts federation.

1.3. The CPI consists of a president, a secretary, and at most five members. The president has the right to appoint a member of CPI as vice-president (if that member agrees). Whenever the president cannot perform his task, the vice-president, or in his absence the secretary, will replace him until the president resumes his function, c.q. until a successor has been appointed The president has the right to give the mandate, by post or e-mail letter, for the representation of CPI at CD or GA if he cannot attend their meetings.

1.4. The CPI can confirm competitions for draughts composition organised by national federations, regional or local organisations, private persons if they correspond to the International Rules. The CPI has a right to organise a cycle of competitions. A competition is not recognised in the case when it is a part of a cycle of competitions organised out of the CPI.

1.5. Decisions of an administrative nature are taken by the president, who can charge any member of the committee with their execution. Decisions on technical matters will be obtained by the votes of the committee members, by e-mail or letter, after discussion. If the votes are equally divided, the president will decide. Each CPI member can vote “Yes”, “No”, or “Abstention”. In the case of major disagreement about the interpretation of the Statutes or the RI /RIE the CD must be informed.

1.6. If the president is not active during three months without indication of a sufficient reason, or if his work fails to produce results, the secretary (or vice-president) should inform the CD. One of the CD members will study the situation, and if necessary submit the problem to the CD. The CD can appoint any member of the CPI, with his agreement, to replace the president until the next GA FMJD. In this case the CD removes the president.

1.7. If a Committee member does not react within a reasonable time to letters and consultations, he may be discharged after suitable investigation, and replaced.

1.8. The CPI has its own emblem and diplomas which will be given for the great contribution in the development of the world draughts composition. The CPI issues its own official issue: CPI-INFO and has its own page on the site FMJD, Mr. Lepsic site (Croatia), Mr. Vetrogon site (Ukraine) and Mr. Kandaurov site (Russia).


Regulation of the attribution of titles

2.1. The titles of Master FMJD of the Problemism (MFP), Master International of the Problemism (MIP) and Grandmaster International of the Problemism will be awarded on the basis of the results achieved during the following composition competitions:
a) those organized by the CPI FMJD;
b) those organized by National, Regional or Local Organisations or Federations, or other organisations, or the private person if their regulations are agreed with the FMJD, represented by the CPI.

2.2. The regulations of any competition must specify the technical requirements. The International Rules of Problemism are in force from October 2002, they are the point of reference for all agreed competitions. The most recent version of the RI /RIE is valid.

2.3. International Master Points (IMP) will be given to those problemists who take the highest places in the final classification of a category:

Without participation of GMIP: With participation of at least two GMIP:
1 place: 30 points. 1 place: 30 points.
2 place: 20 points. 2 place: 25 points.
3 place: 15 points. 3 place: 20 points.
4 place: 10 points. 4 place: 15 points.
5 place: 5 points. 5 place: 10 points.
6 place: 5 points.

If several participants share a series of places, all of them will receive the IMP associated with the highest of these places. Master points are not awarded in a category of a competition, in which Combinational problems corresponded to Basic level only are accepted.

2.4. The requirements for the several titles are as follows:

For the title of Master FMJD of the Problemism (MFP) - 50 IMP,
for the title of Master International of the Problemism (MIP) - 100 IMP;
for the title of Grandmaster International of the Problemism (GMIP) - either 300 IMP, or 200 IMP if the results comprise two first prizes.

Further the FMJD, by presentation of the CPI, may attribute the title of Master International of the Problemism Honoris Causa (MIP HC) or Grandmaster International of the Problemism (GMIP HC) to any problemist for exceptional merits in the widest sense in the domain of problemism. A proposal for the attribution of a title honoris causa is to be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a survey of the candidate's achievements. The FMJD will send diplomas to all title holders.

2.5. The title “FMJD Arbiter (judge) for draughts composition” is given to that person who judges at least three international competitions and receives no less than 12 points (five-points scale) in a sum for them.
The title “International FMJD Arbiter (judge) for draughts composition” is given to that person who judges at least five international competitions and receives no less than 21 points in a sum for them. The judgement for the world championship compares with the judgement for two international competitions.

2.6. This CPI Statutes is in force from _____________. The validity of all results obtained under the 1987 version of the SPI regulations and the 2003 version of the CPI FMJD Statutes are maintained. The new version of the CPI FMJD Statutes is published on the following websites: TAVLEI http:// www.gambler.ru/plus/tavlei, Eric van Dusseldorp site: www.ericsdamsite.com, Miljenko Lepsic site: www.minietiud.forum2x2.ru, FMJD site: http://www.fmjd.nl.

2.7. Any modification of, or addition to this CPI Statutes requires the consultation and the vote of the Committee members. They will not be valid until they have been confirmed by the CD and the GA of the FMJD.


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